May 2019

As I sit here putting the finishing touches to this months blog, with the air-con cranked up and the sun beating down, its hard to imagine that we have just been through the wettest and coldest May in Dubrovnik for 70 years! If this was the UK, we would be expecting a hosepipe ban any moment, but in Dubrovnik the sun cream & flip-flops are finally in action.

Before we carried away with the joys of summer, a quick recap on May, which very much started where April left off….wet. Very wet.


Wellies were the footwear of choice for much of the month given that Dubrovnik is shaped like a giant U, with both sides of town rising fairly steeply from the main street, the Stradun. When it rains, all of the water runs down the stairs to the main street, which then fills up before, emptying into the harbour.

Chimney 2.jpg

In some small way though the weather was a blessing as we had some emergency repairs to carry out for the restaurant that’s just in front of us, the concept of lining a chimney with a metal flue was a new one in the old town. So after much discussion and searching locally, we ordered 15 meters of flue from the ever helpful chaps at Barnet Fireplaces and had it couriered out (thank you Mr Tyson exports!). It duly arrived and then the local chimney guy hopped out of our loft window onto the roof (4 floors up, no ropes) and fed it down to the chimney to the ground floor. A bit of tape, some rope and quite a lot of swearing later, job done. Simples.

cathedral 2.jpg

The scaffold build to the cathedral continues, it’s picked up pace a bit, the workmen now have hard hats, so I suspect someone decided to bring in the pros, they do at least work a full day and the coffee breaks appear to be minimal. Anyway, week 7 of the build, I think the current market spread to completion is 11/12 weeks, then the repairs can start. Should all be done by October I reckon, just in time for the winter.

However, what we lacked on the weather front was more than compensated for by our guests. We had a lovely bunch in May from all corners of the globe; it was truly a pleasure to meet them all. We also had friends to stay from England, so the step count dropped and the alcohol consumption levels went up, good times! (C&P thank you for the excellent tip on the museum pass as well)


Our swanky new business cards arrived from Natalija Galic designs, I have been giving them away like confetti ever since, if you haven’t got one, let me know, they are going like hot cakes.

May wasn’t all bad, summer did actually make the briefest of appearances in May, on the 25th, only to be cruelly snuffed out by a massive storm on the 27th…we had a lovely rainbow though.


Vloggers and selfie takers still continue to fascinate me (I think I am beginning to sounds like my father). Searching the best new shot, that sort of looks like everyone else’s but not quite, the pose that makes you look like you are strolling down the street, but you’re not really or that you are in a deserted Dubrovnik....which I have to say in this young lady’s case was actually true. It was belting down, freezing cold and she was alone on Banje beach. To hell with the weather, she was going to tell everyone about Dubrovnik come what may. I didn’t wait to see if her feet froze in the water, it was too cold. #nodedication.

So as we close out the month the crowds are starting to build during the day, but the evenings are still oddly quiet, I feel that may change in an instant once the weather settles and the sun makes a welcome return !! Who know’s, they may even have the cable car open again, although current prediction is for the 1st July. Just how long does it take to find Euro 20 mio of unpaid tax I ask you ??

That’s it for now…off to check for mould.