Congratulations on visiting this amazing city, it truly is the Jewel of the Adriatic. I imagine that you will probably have your camera with you to capture your stay, but are you getting the photo’s of a lifetime or is it all a bit hit and miss ?

You may just be starting out with your camera and would like to get a clearer understanding of your camera controls. Perhaps you have decided it is time to leave your automatic 'point and shoot ' modes behind and unleash the creative potential of your camera. Or perhaps you would just like to join us at some of our favourite spots around Dubrovnik, that you may not find on your own.

What ever the reason, join me for a walking workshop (or walk-shop) through the streets of Dubrovnik, where I will provide advice on composition as well as how to use shutter speed, aperture and ISO to control the light and create amazing images.


Is a Photography workshop right for you?

Does your knowledge fall between Beginner and Intermediate level? Would you rather have photography tuition tailored specifically to suit you? Do you feel more comfortable with your camera set to auto mode?

If any of the above statements sound familiar, then a Dubrovnik Photo Walk is for you. The walks are a manageable 2.5 hours, where the emphasis is very much on getting more out of your camera and practicing it straight away. I keep the groups small so I can spend as much time as is required with each person, there’s no better way to learn.

Shooting on fully automatic 'modes' is very restrictive in terms of the creative results you can achieve. These topics, amongst others, are clearly explained in an easy to understand, straightforward manner. By the end of the walk, you will be MAKING photographs rather than simply taking them. 

  • Aperture

  • Shutter Speed

  • ISO

  • Exposure compensation

  • Histogram’s and why they are important

  • Composition

Please note, this is not a guided tour of Dubrovnik, in fact we may stay away from the main sites in the peak season as they get seriously crowded. If you did want a Dubrovnik or Game of Thrones tour, we would be very happy to put you in touch with some excellent local guides.

For more details on the walks & workshops, click on the button below to jump over to the Dubrovnik Photography Walks webpage.